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Our Mission

To activate citizen engagement and leadership through

the strategic use of state referendums and people-powered initiatives.


GenSeven is a pending Social Welfare and Educational Organization 501(c)(3) to educate, inspire, and motivate citizens throughout the United States. Our advocacy efforts will focus on the strategic use of citizen-initiated ballot initiatives, education, public outreach, and supporting programs that ultimately serve and incentivize the 7th Generation principle; every decision we make today should serve seven generations from now. 

Our Vision

To create a world that engages citizen-lead legislation, leadership, and decision-making that ensures a beautiful and bountiful planet for today and future generations to come.

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What We Do

Empower People-Powered Legislation & Programs

Establish a library of 7th Generation-based legislative initiatives (templates) for a more effective referendum movement in each respective referendum state.

Inform the public of all available resources to create and manage their citizen-initiated legislation that supports the 7th Generation principle. 

Create citizen-initiated groups that ensure the 7th Generation principle is protected and incentivized.

Unite all 24 referendum states through best policies, practices, tools, and resources to ensure outcomes that support the 7th Generation principle.

Coordinate ongoing state-by-state legislative momentum that supports the 7th Generation principle.

Empower the public to create a world that serves the 7th Generation principle.

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